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Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

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US Dollar (US$)
Refbackbank, Minimum is $2 pay with PayPal or Payza

Clixsense, Minimum is $8 for Standard Member and $10 for Upgrade Member
Pay with PayPal or PayToo

Neobux, Minimum is $2 and pay with PayPal, Payza or Netteler (increase $1 each time cash out)

Ref4Bux, Minimum is $0.50 for PayPal other payment processor will be $1

SeoSprint, Minimum is 0.02руб for PerfectMoney and for other payment processor is $1

Ipanel Online, paying with paypal if you have minimum 5000 point ($5) paid to survey

PaidToLogin, paying with PerfectMoney ($0.01) or PayPal ($1)
paid to login

adfoc, get paid when you have $10 with PayPal
BTC,LTC,NMC,DOGE (You can using android or mobile phone with this wallet and also trading)
Virtual Coin
LiteCoin (LTC)
LTC4YOU, Minimum is 800µLTC will be charge 300µLTC if request less than 5000µLTC
BitCoin (BTC), Minimum is 5460 satoshi if you set the auto withdraw it will be automatic send to your wallet every Monday

LandofBitCoin faucet, Minimum is 500 satoshi and will be move to microwallet
You will be collect BitCoin here and will be store in microwallet,coinbox and BitChest
Land of BitCoin faucet

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